“Do you read a light novel?”

“Do you read manga?”

This is a normal question that happens at a certain point in a conversation about anime shows. It’s almost exactly like every time a movie comes out based on a book, the usual question is, “Do you read the book?”

To be honest, that kind of disturbs me. Why? Well, there are many novel / manga readers out there who don’t care if someone does the same, but at the same time there are some who are almost offended. These people usually respond to questions or comments that you do about the show with, “Well if you read the manga …”

This is quite annoying. I personally believe that there is one big difference between the film adaptation of the book, and anime adaptation of a lightweight novel or manga. What’s that? Volume. The film takes a long time to produce. Anime did too, but they came new air showing four times a year (anime seasons). So, how can you compare movies, which was released once after a long time, for anime released four times a year?

It’s just food to think about. The real question, that this article about, is what you have to choose? Should you start taking a light novel? Or maybe you should take the manga? Do you know what, you might have to watch anime.

Let’s go some pros and cons of each.


Anime I usually go to every time I hear an interesting story. Why? Easy. You can really sit at your desk, lie on the bed, and watch the beauty of animation and listen to dialogue. You can watch stories that are revealed before your eyes, without having to navigate through the words of light novels or unite manga images.

Weaknesses, usually, lack of depth. There are only so many anime that can enter the season, and only a lot they can show through the senses. You can easily lose some of the background things that are cut, or don’t fully understand the situation just because you don’t realize what the character is.

Who was saying, it was still my personal property.

Light novel

If I like anime, I usually go looking for a light novel. Of course, I have to wait for the translation. Light novels are investments that are quite large, like any book, so I see it like I like it enough to support it. I don’t read the translation online, I always buy books. One, because I like having a physical copy, and two, to support the author.

Light novels, like generally any book, usually goes into enough โดจิน details than anime adaptation. You get a deeper look in the scene. You can see what happens in the background. The author can tell you what character feels than you try to describe it himself. You can also train your imagination, create different scenes in your mind. Of course, illustrations help you with this too.

What are the weaknesses of any book? It’s time to take time! This is why this is always my second choice, to the anime. I want to know that I like stories before I discuss more detail. Other disadvantages can be the style of writing. I can love stories to death, but if the author’s style is too strange for me, I know I won’t enjoy it.


Then we have a manga. I will be honest, I rarely buy manga, so my mind might be rather biased. However, manga generally read faster than light novels, because you deal with pictures. Instead of trying to make a scene in your mind that might not accurately describe the story by means of the intended writer, manga puts the scene in front of you. You can really watch it on.

Just like a light novel, the manga is more deep than anime adaptation. The disadvantage to the manga, at least for me, is that you have to go left. I knew it was silly accusations, but it pushed me crazy. Image acceptable, but, like me, I like to make a scene in my mind with my own imagination, so the manga limits it to a certain extent.

Anime, light novel, or manga? Which one do you like?